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Systems Biology Seminary

Systmens Biology Seminars (Progress Reports Department of Systems Biologiy) will be held every friday and on some mondays 9 a.m. in the seminar room 2nd floor.

Guests are welcome.


  • 23.05.2014

Dr. Anna Dittrich, Regulation of SOCS3 expression by glucocorticoids – a novel mechanism to induce dendritic tolerance?

Dr. Wiebke Hessenkämper, tba

  • 26.05.2014

MSc. Mehul Gautam, tba

  • 02.06.2014

MSc. Hannes Bongartz, tba

  • 06.06.2014

Bsc. Søren Lentz, Information theoretical analysis of IL-6-induced JAK/STAT signalling

Bsc. Oliver Klebsch, tba

  • 13.06.2014

Berno Dalichau, tba

Matthew Hurd, tba

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