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John von Neumann in the 1940s.


This wiki is used to share information between users of the Neumann-Cluster. It is globally accessible. However, only OvGU members can edit this content. General information, and news by the administrators can be found on the official page of the Neumann-Cluster.

Currently, this wiki still is under construction.

Consider to contribute to this wiki! If you don't yet know how, start here.


2752 CPUs @2.6GHz on 172 nodes
256GB memory per node
290TB disk storage, 8GB/s BeeGFS 4 Nodes je 2*(10+2 RAID6) * 4TB


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Quick Reference

program explanation
sbatch Used to submit jobs with a job script
e.g. sbatch -p big to run in the big-que
squeue Shows the current que
scancel Cancels waiting and running jobs
e.g. scancel 32611, cancel job with id 32611
srun Used to run interactive and parallel jobs
e.g. srun -p short -N 1 --pty /bin/bash to start an interactive job
sinfo Shows current status of ques
module Allows to load pre-configured settings for certain programs, such as compiler, mpi
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