How to contribute

Wiki Structure

A wiki consists of individual pages. These pages can be arranged in so called namespaces. Pages and namespaces are very similar to files and directories on your hard drive.
To get an idea, check the Sitemap (which can be found in the sidebar on the left).

The wiki structure can be flat (all pages within one namespace) or hierarchical. Both structures have advantages and disadvantages.
You can read more on namespaces in the Manual of the DokuWiki.

Creating a new page

There are different methods to create new pages. You can use your preferred method. Though it is advisable, to think about to which namespace the new page could be added. This will maintain a certain structure. Yet do not feel forced to fit your content in to the current structure.
Methods to add a new page:

  • setting a link to a new page which doesn't exist yet. The link will be shown in red, such as this. You can click on such links and you will find a button „Create this page“ near the top. Examples:
    • [[test]] → this page will be created without any explicit namespace. It will inherit the namespace of the page where you placed it first. If you set this link within a namespace, test will also be in the same namespace such as start.
    • [[help:students:test]] → This test page will be in the subnamespace „students“ of the namespace „help“. If these namespaces haven't existed before then they will be created.
  • Use the search for a page. If there is no result the wiki offers to create a new page on that topic.
  • Directly type the desired page name as URL. This page's adress is It means the page „howtowiki“ is in the namespace „guide“. Replace <..> in ?id=<…> with your new page.
  • Use a Plugin called newpage

Renaming or deleting a page

If you want to delete a page, you have go into the edit-page mode and remove the whole content. Though this method will keep the old versions of the deleted page on the server.
A better method would be to use the Editx Plugin. It simplifies deleting and moving of a page. You can find it in the edit-page mode. At the bottom of the edit page you'll find „Page Management“. Here you can delete or rename a page.

Formatting content

Creating or Editing content is rather simple. Most of the text formatting can be done by with the page editor. Just click a button to write bold, italic, or underlined. That way you don't have to remember wiki specific code. However, in the edit mode you will see **bold** instead of bold.

Mathematical equations and symbols can be entered in latex-style, such as this $e^q ua+ion$.


To get a more information use the link to the DokuWiki's syntax.

Most of the information of this page is a translation from a help provided by the OvGU's URZ ( Help for Wiki authors) provided under the CC-BY-SA licence.

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