Welcome! This is the internal Wiki of the HTI. Here you can find information to almost all relevant processes in HTI. If you don't find information to a specific process, please ask your colleagues and add it to the Wiki. Thank you!


I don't have access to the Wiki. What should I do? See Wiki Access.

I am new. Help?! Go to the Newbie page.

I want to do something. See our list of processes.

I want to have something. Do you like it new and shiny? Go to acquisition. Otherwise look at our hardware or software list.

I want to know something. Have a look at our knowledge base.

Something does not work. Go to troubleshooting.

Old Page

On the Old Landing Page (partially in German), you may find information which wasn't transferred to the new Wiki yet. If you miss some information please consider adding it to the new Wiki structure.

Make the Wiki great again

You want to help out writing articles for new chair members? Have a look at our list of unfinished wiki entries.

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