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Welcome. This is the wiki of the Laboratory of Fluid Dynamics and Technical Flows (LSS). It is dedicated to members and students of the LSS.
Nevertheless, most pages can be accessed by everyone. Some pages are restricted to university members only; log in with your university account to get further access.
Only for a few sections, your account needs to be white-listed. Tell your LSS advisor if you need further access.


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About the wiki

A Wiki is a tool to collaboratively share and collect information. Within the LSS information has typically been transferred via email or person-to-person knowledge-transfer. In many cases this is the fastest way. However, in some cases it could be more efficient to share information on a central location. Ideally, this location is well known. The LSS wiki is able to fulfill this task. The software running this wiki is called DokuWiki.

If you have ideas or any requests on content, add them to the Ideas page. For now, the wiki contains three main sections and a couple of subsections on specific tools. A complete list of pages can be found in the Sitemap.

LSS Wiki Overview and News. Frontpage for the restricted zone.
Guides Instructions, Guides, How-To, Best-Practice,…
Internal Space Information for LSS staff only , such as organisationals, paperwork, lectures

This structure is not cast in stone. Feel free to modify, add, or distill content to your liking.


Automatically generated. Completely visible with login only.
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