This page collects information which is specific to ANSYS ICEM CFD

Where to find information

Where to find Install media

ICEM CFD can be installed with the install media for ANSYS products.
Most versions since V14 are available from Dr. Janiga.

Ansys' ICEM Tutorial Manual

These are the official tutorials provided for ICEM CFD. However, since version 16 these tutorials are not included anymore in the usual help files. Nevertheless these tutorials are still valid.

The tutorials included are:

  1. Hexa Mesh Generation for a 2D Pipe Junction
  2. Hexa Mesh Generation for a 2D Car
  3. Hexa Mesh Generation for a 3D Pipe Junction
  4. Hexa Mesh Generation for a Sphere Cube Geometry
  5. Hexa Mesh Generation for a Pipe with Embedded Blade
  6. Hexa Mesh Generation for an Elbow Part
  7. Bottom Up Hexa Mesh Strategy for a Grid Fin
  8. Tetra/Prism Mesh in a Fin Configuration
  9. Tetra Mesh in a Piston/Valve Assembly
  10. Tetra/Prism Mesh Generation for a Helicopter
  11. Tetra/Prism Mesh Generation for an Aorta
  12. Merged Tetra-Hexa Mesh in a Hybrid Tube
  13. Multizone Mesh in HVAC Square-to-circle Transition Duct

Moreover, you can find scripting examples in the ProgrammersGuide in the supplemantary files.

Ansys' ICEM Lectures

These have been scraped from the net.

The following lectures are presented in official trainings provided by ANSYS. Although only version 14 is shown here, most features haven't changed since that version.

ICEM on the Neumann cluster

ICEM needs cshell to start. Cshell is available on many Linux and UNIX-based system, but hasn't been installed on Neumann. For that reason ICEM does not start on Neumann, normally.

To fix this issue we have converted the starting script of ICEM from cshell to standard shell syntax. Download the script icemcfd-shellconversion from the wiki.

Extract and copy the file icemcfd to neumann to your home directory. Then make it executeable by:

 chmod +x icemcfd

Now, whenever you want to run ICEM on Neumann, open icemcfd from your specified directory, such as /home/user/icemcfd, instead of the offical programm provided with the respective module file.


  • The script is for internal use only! The source code is owned by ANSYS.
  • It's only tested with ICEM version 17
  • It only supports the batch mode, no gui start-up possible.
  • Program-specifc modes of ICEM, such as CFX are not supported.

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