HPC etiquette

Don't waste resources

  • Use as few resources as possible. The cluster is needed by dozens of university members!
  • Check the performance and scalability of your programs. The parallel efficiency should not be less than 0.5 to avoid wasting resources unnecessarily.
  • Use the -nice option if you submit many individual jobs at once (man sbatch).
  • Use array jobs for a large number of small jobs; with a limit on the number of concurrent jobs (-tc).
  • Limit the requested memory (#SBATCH -mem 120000).
  • No Pre-/Postprocessing in the main queues! For interactive work, the short queue is available.

Use the scratch directory as working directory

  • Your scratch folder should be the working directory and contain most of the data. A lot of disk space and read/write capacity is available there. The home folder, however, is reserved for quick-access configuration files.
  • SLURM scripts should be located in the home directory and should be submitted from there

Clean up after yourself

  • Release unused nodes when your work is complete.
  • Remove unnecessary files.
  • Do not leave any zombie programs behind.

Backup your data

  • No backups of your Neumann data is carried out automatically: backup your results and critical files to your own computer.
  • Administrators may delete old files if they deem it necessary.

Do not cause the login node to crash

  • The login node controls the entire cluster, including SLURM which runs jobs and the queues.
  • The login node is to be used only:
    • to submit and monitor jobs
    • to edit scripts and files
    • to prepare data ( scp, cp, mv,…)
  • For any resource-intensive task (computing, heavy data processing, interactive sessions etc.), reserve a node with an sbatch script.

Don't share passwords

  • Do not share your password with anyone
  • Never request the passwords of other users (colleagues, students etc.)
  • Each person using Neumann should have their own username: this enhances security and resource attribution. Contact the administrator every time a new person is to use Neumann.
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