OPAL++ Example - 2d symmetric Tube Bundle Reactor

This is an example of an Optimization performed with OPAL++.

A 2D model of a cross flow tube bundle reactor for steam reforming has been optimized.

It was run on Neumann (2018).

Optimization Details

Simulation Flow

The simulation script for opal (here: simulation.o2script) does the following things.

  1. Substitute the defined parameter into the file pipes.csv
  2. run StarCCM+ simulation with run.java macro and retain output
  3. check for errors during simulation
  4. retain output values
  5. save simulation in tar file and retain it
  6. Check for validity (whether there are any errors in the simulation), mark valid if criteria met

OPAL++ Input Files

  • master.o2script
  • simulation.o2script
  • run.java
  • pipes.csv
  • Q_of_T_BMA_lin_int.csv


How to run

  • Create Checkstring
~/OPAL/OPAL -opal.mode=NUMERIC_TEST -opal.file={master.o2script}
  • submit job with slurm job script


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