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First time logging into the PC-Cluster

The terminal(bash) is necessary to start up software, such as Matlab. Unlike in Windows new software is not always integrated into the start menu. This is only a disadvantage if you can only rely on the GUI. However, in many cases such a start menu link is not sufficient enough to start software into special modes. Much more versatile is starting software via the terminal. This way you can add arguments/options to run software in background or run automatically. Therefor it makes sense to make yourself comfortable with the terminal. A extensive introduction can be found here: UNIX terminal.

Your newly created account comes with an incomplete default setup. You need to add a few extra settings to ease using installed software on the PC Cluster.

Open a terminal. Run the following two commands

 echo "source /home/software/bashrc_mini" >> ~/.bashrc
 source ~/.bashrc

StarCCM+ Users

echo "alias star11=\"/home/software/CD-adapco/STAR-CCM+11.06.011-R8/star/bin/starccm+\""  >> ~/.bashrc
echo "alias star12=\"/home/software/CD-adapco/STAR-CCM+12.02.011-R8/star/bin/starccm+\""  >> ~/.bashrc

Licenses for ANSYS and StarCCM user

If you plan to use a commercial software such as StarCCM and ANSYS, then you need a file .flexlmrc in your home directory. This file contains information about the license servers.

echo "CDLMD_LICENSE_FILE=1999@flex.cd-adapco.com:2000@server:1999@server" > ~/.flexlmrc

In case of ANSYS, this setting is not enough. Licenses on the campus are restricted. Only users listed in a white-list can use the campus-licenses.
Ask your suporvisor to request access for your. As a non-student member of the universität, such as a PhD candidate, you inform Jörg Schulenburg via mail.


Currently there are two ANSYS versions installed. Version 14 and 17. To start ICEM CFD add an icemcfd alias to your .bashrc.

echo "alias icemcfd=\"/home/software/ansys_inc/v170/icemcfd/linux64_amd/bin/icemcfd\""  >> ~/.bashrc
echo "alias icemcfd14=\"/home/software/ansys_inc/v140/icemcfd/linux64_amd/bin/icemcfd\""  >> ~/.bashrc


For specific use-cases we have prepared modulefiles to setup your terminal-environment reversibly for specific programs on demand. Add an additional path to the MODULEPATH environment variable by running the following code. It will add a line to your ~/.bashrc to load the additional location for modulefiles for every new terminal.

echo 'module use --append /global/shared/modulefiles' >> ~/.bashrc
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