Connect to Max-Planck's cluster Mechthild

The Max-Planck Institute's Cluster Mechthild is located within the MPI's intranet.

internet > linssh > mechthild > nodeXXX

StarCCM's usual connect to server only bridges one host. That's why you cannot directly connect to a compute node within Mechthild from the university's network/the internet without any further setup (for now).

The following solution was performed with Cygwin and a StarCCM session which has been started from within Cygwin.

  1. In a new terminal: open a port from localhost:49000 via to mechthild:22
    ssh -L 49000:mechthild:22 -N
  2. In a new terminal: open a port from localhost:49001 through localhost:49000(mechthild) to node004:22
     ssh -L 49001:node004:22 -N -p 49000 user@localhost

    change node004 to the respective compute node

  3. Open StarCCM via cygwin
  4. Connect to server with the following setup.

    Insert the StarCCM listening post to the port specified in the current log file.


  • Figure out the correct setting for PuTTY.
  • Which command line option of Putty to use tunnel through a port, then putty might be used instead of cygwin>star.
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