StarCCM+ - wait for Licences

Under some conditions, for example if the internet connection is broken, StarCCM+ cannot get licenses with pod-keys.
It usually stops the running job. This is cumbersome. Most often the internet connection returns shortly after, on rare occations within hours. Losing a slot in the que hurts more.

Running simulation which received a license before can continue to run before stopping.
However, the maximal time before StarCCM+ runs without a licence is approx. 1 hour.

In the steve-portal, there is an article which describes a way to let StarCCM+ wait for licenses on startup.
It might be interesting to test, whether this works also for running simulations! It does not… The environment variable described here works only on startup, not during the simulation.


When submitting multiple jobs in batch, it is important to ensure that license and processors are available so due to lack of license or computation resource the queued jobs won't get killed.

A good way to handle this situation is to define an environment variable called STARWAIT and assign it the value of 1. With STARWAIT option turned on, the job waits in the queue until the cores and license are available. Then it will launch on the cores and check out a license. If no license is available, the cores wait until the next license is available and then runs. STARWAIT simply turns the Flexera flag from LM_CO_NOWAIT (the default) to LM_CO_WAIT.

where LM_CO_NOWAIT means Do not wait—non-blocking.

and LM_CO_WAIT means Wait, return when license is granted—blocking.

In Linux you can simply add “export STARWAIT=1” command in your batch script.

Please note: when using this approach, a job with no available license will enter the queue for execution, reserve all the nodes requested and sit there doing nothing until a license is available. The nodes will not be available to any other process until the license request is satisfied or the job is terminated.
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