Visualizing any experimental data with STAR-CCM+

Since STAR-CCM+ offers very wide visualization options, it is very useful to load and visualize any external data, such as experimental data, in STAR-CCM+ as well. The following steps explain how to do that.

any vector variable can be assigned to the initial conditions of the velocity and
any scalar variable to the initial conditions of the pressure.

What do you need?

  1. Any version of STAR-CCM+
  2. The CAD geometry (in any importable extension for STAR-CCM+, usually .iges and .step work very fine)
  3. A CSV table for the experimental data (for example velocity) in the following format
ensure that the XYZ data points in the CSV table match the CAD geometry (check the scale and the location of the geometry).


  1. Load the CAD geometry in STAR-CCM+
  2. Create a new part
  3. Assign the part to a region
  4. Create any mesh, preferably finer than the resolution of the measurement points
  5. Load the CSV table in tools > tables > new table > file table
  6. Select some physics models (any models)
  7. Now, load the experimental data in the initial conditions
    For vector variables use the velocity node > select the CSV XYZ-table and in the table properties assign the data to each corresponding column.
    For example: X-Data to Vx, Y-Data to Vy, and Z-Data to Vz.
    For scalar variables use the pressure node.
  8. Now initialize the solution
  9. Open a velocity scene and/or a pressure scene to visualize the variables

Here is a sample image for an experimental velocity field visualized by STAR-CCM+.

Can this be improved by assigning the csv table to a passive scalar, or field function? These entities could even get a custom name. That way the correct name might be printed in the legend.

Though a passive scalar might only be used for scalar input. For vectors this might not work. However, there are table interpolation methods for field functions available.

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