Ideas and Requests concerning the Wiki

  • What content would you want to be in the wiki?
  • What shouldn't be here?
  • What are you willing the add here?
  • Is there something you would have wanted to know when you started at the LSS?
  • How can we make this wiki valuable enough that you are willing to contribute?

Feel free to add anything here, so we can think about how to build this wiki!

To Do List

You want to contribute something, but don't know where to start? Have a look at the following topics!
If have an idea what could be missing, then add it to the list:

  • Add your script! Star, python, gnuplot? Have you done anything cumbersome with the help of a script, share it here!
  • Extend this page
  • Put Description on how to use beamer in PC cluster room (where is the vga cable connected, dvi-vga converter)
  • How to connect to Windows Network Share from Linux/Mac
  • LSS Seminar, typical procedure, pdfs on server
  • Add Information for PC Cluster, Opti Cluster and Karman
  • Move wiki
  • OPAL++ page, add manual and example setups
  • Add StarCCM tutorials
  • OpenSource DIY Workshop courses, get slides and some info
  • Write news, such as CFD meeting
  • Short guide on business trips, typical forms,…
  • Short guide on how to fund business trips (project, DFG, DAAD,…)
  • Short guide on how to order somethin
  • Add instructions for your lab devices
  • Transponders, where to get it, what if lost, where to repair…
  • Newbe guide
    • Information locations
    • responsibilities
    • organisational structure
    • lectures & seminars
  • Using our poster printers, find manuals and add them, write a short best practice
  • Add a short report on your current simulation/exp?
  • Add a personal page?
  • ICEM guide start page, where to find current material
  • Guide for evaluating thesis (at least whom to ask)
  • Neumann SLURM guide completion
    • sbatch
    • srun
    • sallac
    • scancel
    • scontrol
  • OpenFOAM
    • add important/usefull tutorials (other than those provided)
    • add Chalmers OF course page
    • add schemes presentation

Missing Pages and Broken Links

Pages without any links to them

# ID Title
13d3D Drucker (Pro2-Series 3D Printer)
2doodle:i_templateDoodle @!!PAGE@
4guide:3d-printing3D Printing
5guide:big_file_uploadBig File Upload
6guide:citable_gitCitable Repository with Zenodo
8guide:extended_scatter-plot_matrix_by_r-projectExtended Scatter-Plot Matrix
10guide:icem_.tcl-script_for_column_with_nozzleICEM - .tcl-script For Column With Nozzle
11guide:latex:pdf_animations_with_tikzAnimated PDFs and presentations
12guide:mechthild:jobscript_starccmStarCCM+ sbatch template for Mechthild
13guide:neumann:cfdemcoupling_caseCFDEMcoupling Case
14guide:neumann:compiling_dakotaCompiling Dakota
15guide:neumann:file_transfer_neumann_and_mechthildFile Transfer between Neumann and Max-Planck's Mechthild
17guide:opal:constrained_initializationOPAL++ - Initialize Optimization with Constrains
18guide:opal:opal_case_for_crystallizer_optimizationOpal++ Case for crystallizer optimization
19guide:opal:use_listfileOPAL++ - LISTFILE to initialize
20guide:pccluster:paraviewParaview Server on the PC-Cluster
21guide:pccluster:torqueTorque Workload Manager
22guide:python_on_pcclusterPython 3 on the PC-Cluster
23guide:starccm:bomIllegal Character \ufeff Problem
24guide:starccm:bug_during_repartitioningStarCCM+ hanging during repartitioning
25guide:starccm:connecttompiclusterConnect to Max-Planck's cluster Mechthild
26guide:starccm:ensight_export_macroStarCCM Macro to export to Ensight
27guide:starccm:macro-programming-workshop:java_introductionJava Introduction
28guide:starccm:macro-programming-workshop:starccm_macroStarccm Macro
29guide:starccm:macro-programming-workshop:startMacro Workshop - Table of Contents
30guide:starccm:make_starccm_videoStarCCM+ - create videos out of scenes
31guide:starccm:make_starccm_wait_for_licence_on_startupStarCCM+ - wait for Licences
32guide:starccm:notable_changes_from_11.xx_to_12.xxNotable changes from Star-CCM+ 11.xx to 12.xx
33guide:starccm:star_and_neumann_during_updateStarCCM+ jobs during the Neumann maintainance
34guide:starccm:starccm_convergenceStarCCM+ solver settings and convergence
35guide:starccm:test_if_license_server_is_reachableIs the StarCCM License Server Reachable ?
36guide:visualizing_experimental_data_by_star-ccmVisualizing any experimental data with STAR-CCM+
41news:2018-02-14-cfd_meetingCFD-Meeting 14.02.2018
42news:2018-02-28-cfd_meeting_managementCFD-Meeting 28.02.2018
43news:2018-03-14_cfd-meetingCFD Meeting on 2018-03-14
44news:2018-03-28_cfd-meetingCFD Meeting on 2018-03-28
45news:2018-04-11_cfd-meetingCFD Meeting on 2018-04-11 - Keynote: Residence Times
46news:2018-04-25_cfd-meetingCFD Meeting on 2018-04-25 - Keynote: Moving and positioning objects in Star-CCM
47news:2018-05-23_cfd-meetingCFD Meeting (2018-05-23) & GIT: Why and how to use it
48news:2018-06-06_cfd-meetingCFD Meeting (2018-06-06) & Coupling StarCCM with Opal++
49news:2018-06-20_cfd-meetingCFD Meeting (2018-06-20) & Catching Exceptions in StarCCM
50news:2018-07-04_cfd-meetingCFD Meeting (2018-07-04) & PyFoam
51news:call_for_hall_of_fame_poster_15novCall for Hall of Fame Poster - deadline: 15.11.17
52news:cfd_meeting_31.01.2018CFD-Meeting 31.01.2018
53news:cfd_meeting_at_02.11.17CFD-Meeting on 02.11.2017
54news:cfd_meeting_at_05.10.2017CFD Meeting on 05.10.2017
55news:cfd_meeting_at_19.10.17CFD-Meeting at 19.10.2017
56news:cfd_meeting_on_11.01.18CFD-Meeting - 11.01.2018 - Poll on new meeting time
57news:cfd_meeting_on_16.11.17CFD-Meeting - 16.11.2017
58news:cfdmeeting-07092017CFD Meeting at 07.09.2107
59news:changes_on_neumannChanges On Neumann
61news:safetyinstructions_revision_2017Call for Annual Revision of Safety Instructions - 18.09.2017
62news:starccm_2019.2_installed_on_neumannStarCCM+ 2019.2 Installed on Neumann
63news:starccm_licence_issuesStarccm Licence Issues since the 09.04.18 *UPDATE*
64news:tutorial_on_how_to_use_this_wiki_at_next_cfd_meetingTutorial on how to use this wiki at the CFD meeting (21.09.)
65playground:pdfsPdf Export
69selfstudy:wiki:editpageEdit Window
70selfstudy:wiki:formattingBasic Formatting
71selfstudy:wiki:imagesImages and other Media files
72selfstudy:wiki:lssLSS Wiki Structure
73selfstudy:wiki:namespaceandpagesNamespaces and Pages
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