Ensight is an advanced post-processing software by CIE, now owned by ANSYS.

On this page, you'll find video tutorials provided by Ensight itself.

The windows installation files can be found on the PC Cluster in: /global/shared/INSTALLATION/Ensight
or our network drive: \\ISUT8\LSS-Ablage\INSTALLATION\EnSight\
To get a license, please contact Dr. Janiga. He'll provide the necessary files.


Video Tutorials by CIE

You were looking for video tutorials?
Many videos have been taken down… thanks to ANSYS' new purchase.

Many of these videos can be find as backup on the LSS network drive at: \\ISUT8\LSS-Ablage\KnowledgeBase\Ensight

Moreover, you can still find informative videos on Ensight's channel.

FIXME When you have some time, replace the video frames with the files on the network drive.

Graphical Interface

EnSight 10 - Graphical User Interface (GUI) from EnSight by CEI on Vimeo.

In this tutorial, we provide a quick tour of the EnSight 10 GUI. Illustration of the new Menu bar options, and Feature Menus to create and modify different attributes within EnSight. An overview of the Part, Variable and other Object Lists in the GUI is provided. Customization of the layout of the GUI is also shown, including adding in your own UserDefinedTools to the main GUI as well as the general layout of the different icons, menu, and part object lists.

Basic Introduction

A quick tutorial getting started using EnSight 10. This tutorial covers basics of loading a model and visualization of your simulation results. Layout of the Part Variable attribute windows are illustrated. Coloring by variables is illustrated through a few of the new Drag & Drop capabilities in EnSight 10. The basics of creating Clip Planes, Isosurfaces and Vector Plots are also illustrated in the tutorial. Finally, the basics of saving out images from the visualization is shown.

EnSight 10 - Intro Basics 1 from EnSight by CEI on Vimeo.

EnSight 10 - Intro Basics 2 from EnSight by CEI on Vimeo.

Annotation, Calculations, Legends

EnSight 10 - Annotations, Calculations, Legend from EnSight by CEI on Vimeo.

In this third tutorial, we start with illustrating loading a transient native CFX results file into EnSight. We then look at the Drag & Drop feature with regards to creating annotations from constant variables. Most of the tutorial then concentrates on the basics of using the new calculator in EnSight 10. Finally, as part of the Annotation theme, we finish up with further editing of the Legend attributes.

Queries and Plotters

EnSight 10 - Queries and Plotters from EnSight by CEI on Vimeo.

On the main strengths of EnSight is the ability to further quantify and analyze the solution. In this tutorial, we go through the basics of using the query and plotter function in EnSight 10 to extract out further quantitative information from the solution. We cover generating single queries over distance, placing multiple queries on the same plotter and creating queries with respect to time. One of the new helpful features of EnSight 10 is the ability to easy right click over the query, and copy its values to the clipboard, allowing for easy cut/paste into programs like Excel.


EnSight 10 - Saving from EnSight by CEI on Vimeo.

In this tutorial, we go through some of the various options for saving out information from EnSight. From saving basic images and animations, to saving your work via session files. We also cover saving your individual commands from the EnSight session for replay towards the same or different datasets. Finally, we covered some of the basics of exporting out the grid and variables to various other formats like VRML, STL, Case file, or Flatfile.

Volume Rendering

EnSight 10 - Volume Rendering from EnSight by CEI on Vimeo.

We illustrate how to invoke the volume rendering, and how to select the structured volume rendering resolution to suit your model and graphics capability. Illustration of using the transfer function to adjust the transparency/opacity of the variable range allow the user to highlight and investigate certain regions of the variable field within the model. Finally, we briefly show how using the scaling factor and the range adjust can further enhance the extraction of complex flow results. ===== Pathlines =====

EnSight 10 - Pathlines from EnSight by CEI on Vimeo.

Volume-of-Fluid Visualization

Volume of Fluid (VOF) Visualization in EnSight from EnSight by CEI on Vimeo.

How does one go about doing VOF (Volume of Fluid) visualizations in EnSight? At a very basic level, you can do an IsoSurface of volume_fraction = 0.5 and see the surface of the VOF. However, this is typically not quite enough. Users typically want to see the whetted surface, in addition to the confining tank of the volume to get an idea of where the volume is occupying and where the overall tank constraints are. There are some techniques involved with EnSight in order to produce this type of visualization of a VOF solution involving special isovolumes and offset surfaces.

How to setup a remote session

Tutorials on specific problems

There are many more tutorials available each dedicated to specific applications. You can find these on Ensight's tutorial channel.

A quick overview:

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