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====== DokuWiki ====== [[doku>wiki:dokuwiki|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png }}]] DokuWiki is a simple to use an... makes it an administrator's favorite. Built in [[doku>acl|access controls]] and [[doku>auth|authentication connectors]] make DokuWiki especially useful in the enterprise context and the large number of [[doku>plugins]] contributed by its vibrant community al
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====== Formatting Syntax ====== [[doku>DokuWiki]] supports some simple markup language, which tries to ... ge. The simpler markup is easily accessible via [[doku>toolbar|quickbuttons]], too. ===== Basic Text Fo... ] or use an additional [[pagename|link text]]. [[doku>pagename|Wiki pagenames]] are converted to lowerc... the pagename. For details about namespaces see [[doku>namespaces]]. Linking to a specific section is p
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shown in a margin column on the side. Read our [[doku>faq:sidebar|FAQ on sidebars]] to learn more. Ple... pages you might want to have a look at the [[this>doku.php?do=admin&page=config|configuration settings]]... uperuser first). You may also want to see what [[doku>plugins|plugins]] and [[doku>templates|templates]] are available at to extend the function
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ug Befehle ===== * [[]] * [[ ents that should be displayed. Eg: -pregPagesOn="/doku/i" will display only pages which contains "doku" in their id.\\ Several options may be used, and each o
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*<name Ihres Wiki>/doku.php?id=navigation * In dieser Seite erstellen S
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t diese Seite die URL: Man schreibt einfach s
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es ===== * [[|Von Uni Freiburg benutzte Plu
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